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About Us

  Here at The Big Blow Bed and Breafast you will find peace and tranquility like you've never experienced before. We have no busy streets here in Quirpon (pronounced Karpoon), no screaming police, fire and ambulance sirens; we have no flashing neon signs, no taxis, trains, subways nor industry of any kind. We are even so bold as to say we have no clanging bells, no horn-blowing, no strange voices in the night, no thick, hazy smog and no shopping malls.

The Big Blow B & B with Quirpon Island in the sunrise.

   What we do have is the ability to sense what possibly might be considered a great vacation package for those people who want to step from their world into ours.

   The Big Blow B & B is a modern newly-constructed wood and cement building, perched on the edge of a small cliff, having the east wall filled with large windows overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean. Every care has been given in providing our guests with luxurious sleeping arrangements, ie. large bedrooms, nice furniture, closet space, decent-sized ensuite baths, and radiant-heated porcelain floors throughout. As a point of reference, the Nor'easter has a large roll-in shower, and a Japanese bath in which you can submerge your whole body.

  Mornings can be a fun-time with singing and story-telling around the breakfast table. Sometimes guests will often showcase their talents with a song or two.

   We knew there was a need for this type of Bed and Breakfast, and after three years in the making, we're proud to say our doors have opened to the travelling public. We invite you to stay with us. A warm welcome awaits you.


  "Hi there, I'm Wayne, your host here at The Big Blow Bed & Breakfast. One of the things we pride ourselves in is the ability to show our guests a true sense of Newfoundland hospitality. If you have a question for which you need an answer, you will undoubtedly find it during our chit-chats around the kitchen table as we settle into our "getting-to-know-you" mode.

  I've been many things in my lifetime: fisherman, fishplant worker, truck driver, mechanic, welder, carpenter, welding instructor, photographer, videographer and, among other things, a singer, songwriter, storyteller, and published author. And for four years now, I've been running an online radio show called Radio Quirpon; we play mostly classic country, and songs by Newfoundland artists who would not otherwise be heard on mainstream radio.

  The Big Blow Bed and Breakfast didn't just get its name due to the high winds we sometimes experience in northern Newfoundland, nor from the many humpback whales off our coast as they blow huge spouts of mist into the air. Hey, maybe you know where I'm going with this: a storyteller who sometimes rambles on and on without knowing when to stop is known as a 'Big Blow' also. Think I'll stop now.

  Come stay with us; you'll love it here!"

Your host, Wayne Bartlett
Humpback Whale off Quirpon Island

Driving directions from airport at Deer Lake, Newfoundland


Take Route 430 North for 400 kilometres.
Turn left onto Route 436 towards L'anse aux Meadows for 26 km.
Turn right at QUIRPON intersection for 3 km.
The Big Blow B & B is straight ahead through our only crossroads - 900 ft.

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